Maul Mornie and SSBD is not associated with Fighting For Lives since 14th/15th November 2009

I, Maul Mornie and Silat Suffian Bela Diri International training Groups (SSBD) writes this announcement without prejudice.

Maul Mornie and Silat Suffian Bela Diri (SSBD) is not associated with Dr.Parvez Alam and ‘Fighting For Lives’ since 14th/15th November 2009.

This is not about martial arts politics nor am I against any charity effort, it is about my right as a contributor to a charity I helped raise money for and speaking out against a dishonest and manipulative individual.



Dr. Parvez Alam and ‘Fighting for Lives’ refuse to provide information on those receiving the charity raised by Silat Suffian Bela Diri (SSBD).

Dr.Parvez Alam and ‘Fighting for Lives’ refuse to provide a copy of the financial report, financial statement and proof of donation to the intended recipients (orphanages).

Dr.Parvez Alam refuses to be transparent on information of contact details of recipients to the charity donations.

I, Maul Mornie and Silat Suffian Bela Diri (SSBD) assumed that ‘Fighting For Lives’ was a "registered" non-profit charity organization when Dr. Parvez Alam 1st approached me via email (27th November 2007) with his proposal for a martial arts charity event. I was informed he was not a legally registered charity organization on my second visit to Finland (13th/14th June 2009) after the event has ended. As a friend at that time, I have advised in him privately numerous times to register the organization, positively he said he will make efforts to register but after 5 month on my 3rd and last Finland visit (14th/15th November 2009) and to the date when this announcement is written (6th July 2010) he has not registered “Fighting for Lives” as a non-profit charity organization.

I, Maul Mornie and Silat Suffian Bela Diri (SSBD) has collaborated with ‘Fighting For Lives’ through good intentions to help children (orphanages) in need and nothing more.

I broken away fear of legal and safety reasons, as ‘Fighting for Lives’ has been operation for 5 years collecting money involving different martial artists and groups of people from different parts of the world, but is not a legally registered Charity organization and refusing to show proof of donations especially the ones that I have raised to be donated to orphans.


As most in the martial arts community is aware, I travel constantly all over the world, apart from teaching martial arts to the public, I am also invited as a consultant and instruct courses to several law enforcements departments in different parts of the world. I need official documented proof that my activities are not breaking any laws in the countries that I visit.

Dr.Parvez Alam's refusal to provide information on donation recipients and refusing to forward copies of the official financial information of the charity that I, Maul Mornie am involved with could affect my safety and reputation.


These days we live in a world with the threat of global terrorism, any "untraced" money transfers to ‘secretive’ destinations would be treated as suspicious if the law is involved regardless if it is for charity. If the charity money I help raised is used in a negative way and somehow my name is connected, I will be a suspect and guilty until proven innocent.

The public can judge me for making this announcement against a children’s charity endeavour, but at the end of the day with Dr.Parvez Alam’s refusal to give me information on the recipients receiving the charity donations, refusing to send me copies of the financial reports, financial statements and proof of charity; if the law get involved they (the public) are not the ones standing in my place.

My public announcement is mainly aimed for the relevant authorities on where I stand on this issue, it is not directed to the general public.

This is for my safety, my name, family's name and protecting the reputation of my country, I need clear documentation of who I have collaborated with, where all the resources were directed, including all financial statements as proof that I am not involved in any negative activities.

I have tried my best to contact Dr.Parvez Alam and ‘Fighting for Lives’ both privately and publicly, I am ignored and I have received no positive response to my request.


All my visits and charity work with Fighting for Lives and the money raised can be reviewed on the links below;

Currency exchange from, €1 = RM$4.3 Malaysian Ringgit (approx); for example, €100 = approximately RM430 Malaysian Ringgit.

1st SSBD Finland Charity Seminar - 16th November 2008

Attending participants (not including instructor and organizer) = 30 people

Money raised from the event as provided by Dr.Parvez Alam = €650 (approx RM$2800 Malaysian Ringgit)

2nd SSBD Finland Charity Seminar - 13th/14th June 2009

Pay On the Day: €45 one day, €60 for 2 days

Attending participants (not including instructor and organizer) = 16 people

50% - 50% agreement on the proceeds from the SSBD/ FFL event as agreed to cover Maul Mornie's travel time and travel expenses. Maul Mornie was informed the whole 50% was to be donated to charity. Assuming all 16 participants paid in full and minus 50% agreed arrangements.

The total money raised should be = €480 (approx RM2070 Malaysian Ringgit)

3rd SSBD Finland Charity Seminar - World Fighting for Lives Event 14th/15th November 2009

Pre-Register €45 one day, €65 for 2 days.

Pay On the Day: €55 one day, €75 for 2 days.

Attending participants (not including instructor and organizer) = 14 people

50% - 50% agreement on the proceeds from the SSBD/ FFL event as agreed to cover Maul Mornie's travel time and travel expenses. Maul Mornie was informed the whole 50% was to be donated to charity. Assuming all 14 participants pre registered, and minus 50% agreed arrangements plus the known donators who cannot attend (no percentage taken from this).

The total money raised should be = €855 (approx RM$3690 Malaysian Ringgit)


All currency exchanges are calculated via, and is correct on the time this announcement is written.

I, Maul Mornie and SSBD has been involved with ‘Fighting for Lives’ in 3 occassions:-

  • 16th November 2008, raised €650 (approx RM$2600 Malaysian)
  • 13th/14th June 2009, raised €480 (approx RM$2070 Malaysian)
  • 14th/15th November 2009, raised €855 (approx RM$3690 Malaysian)

The 3 events, I, Maul Mornie and Silat Suffian Bela Diri (SSBD) is involved in raising charity donations for orphanages and handing it to ‘Fighting for Lives’ equals to a total of €1985 in total, (approx RM$8570 Malaysian).

For the average Malaysian that is approximately a 10 month salary, if not less.


This has nothing to do with politics in the martial arts or asking anyone to choose sides, but my right as a known contributor to a charity I helped raised.

My announcement may not be favoured or popular to the reading public, but again my efforts in charity are to help those less fortunate and not for personal popularity.

Dr.Parvez Alam has not given me confidence of the charity money I helped raised is fully directed to the intended recipients.

All I ask from him is an official report on the money I helped raised and I am refused to be given any information, treated like an enemy, a slandering video is made of me, accusing me of spying on him and threatening him and his family. Never once has he tried to explain to me privately to resolve the situation.

It is about what is right and what is wrong especially when it comes to money raised that was supposed to be directed to orphanages and unfortunate children in need.


On the weekend of 14th/15th November, under the banner of ‘Fighting for Lives’ with collaboration from instructors from different parts of the world raised €9033 in total (approx RM$39,100 Malaysian)

Article link

Video link

Before 14th/15th November 2009, I have introduced and promoted him directly and indirectly to people I know in the martial arts community which has caused a positive ripple effect for him and ‘Fighting for Lives’; I have raised a substantial amount of money for ‘Fighting for Lives’ (€1985 in total) in 3 different events, this not including other Martial Art instructors who had raised charity under the banner of ‘Fighting for Lives’.

What happen to all the charity money contributed by different martial artist and members of the public? Where are the proof of donations of the charity money that was handed directly to Dr.Parvez Alam.



The video above was posted on youtube by Dr.Parvez Alam ( 3rd of July.

He has taken it off youtube approximately 4 to 5 weeks after it was posted publicly as it has raised more questions from the general public on his refusal to provide me the information I requested by trying to divert attention from himself by throwing accusations and personal attacks towards me.

Why go through all this drama when all he has to do is provide the donation information I requested?

TIME LINE - Please watch and listen to the video carefully

As he stated (3:10 min), He stayed in May Fair London, a "5 star" hotel that costs an average of £245 (approx RM$1200 in Malaysian ringgit) a night. Visit

As he states (3:26 min), his travel expense is about €700 (approx RM$3000 in Malaysian ringgit) that he "claims" to come from his own pocket.

Watch (4:08 min) where he purposely places his fingers to cover (hide) the letterheads of the receipts and statements. Is this reciepts real? If this receipts are real, the 1st charity receipt he shown RM$518 (approx €120); 2nd charity receipt shown RM$222 (approx €51); 3rd receipt shown RM$750 (approx €170); 4th receipt shown RM$750 (approx €170), goods bought at the local Malaysian Tesco RM$400 (approx €90). That is a total of RM$2640 (approx €609).

Watch (4:57 min) Receipt for musical instruments for capoeira (note how he holds the receipt differently from how he hold the 1st 3 charity receipts). Ask yourself why buy expensive exotic musical instruments when Capoeira music CDs are readily available on the internet for less than a fraction of the price?

2 other reciept (5:10 min) the 1st almost RM1000 (approx €230), the 2nd RM$500 (approx €115). That is a total of RM$1500 (approx €346)

Watch (4:40 min) He has made a statement that he has voluntarily worked directly with UNCEF and The Beacon of Light with the money I, Maul Mornie helped raise, but this is contradicting his actions in showing the shopping receipts that shows that he is handling the money personally. Did he donate it to other registered charity organization, or is he handling the money himself?


From the statements above, for his accommodation and travels, Dr.Parvez Alam has spent €700 (approx RM$3000 Malaysian Ringgit) + GBP£245 (approx RM$1200 in Malaysian ringgit), totals to €970 (approx RM4900 Malaysian Ringgit)

The money spent buying item to be donated RM$2640 (approx €609) + RM$1500 (approx €346) totals to €955 (approx RM$4100 Malaysian Ringgit), this not including unstated price of musical instruments donated.

He spent €970 (approx RM4900 Malaysian Ringgit) on himself.

He donated approximately €955 (approx RM$4100 Malaysian Ringgit).

He claims he has donated to at least 6 orphanages; divide €955 between 6 orphanages = €160 per orphanage (approx RM$690 Malaysian Ringgit) which consists of food donations are less than a weeks ration of food for group of orphanages, e.g. instant noodles, 1 or 2 sacks of rice, cooking oil, eggs. Etc. As seen in the pictures on his website

I, Maul Mornie helped raised €1985 in total, (approx RM$8570 Malaysian), this not including money raised and handed to ‘Fighting for Lives’ by a number of other martial artist. Where is the rest of the charity money raised?

Taking account other minor expenses, this donation of €955 (approx RM$4100 Malaysian Ringgit) does not even come close to the money I, Maul Mornie help raised.

Now ask yourself, does Dr.Parvez Alam really need to fly to Malaysia and spend €700 for his flight ticket and a night at the "5 star" hotel at May Fair London just to hand €955 which is further divided to 6 orphanages?

Why not just transfer the money via Western Union or  from his bank account to the bank account of the orphanages or relevant Malaysian government bodies that deals with orphanages; and just add in his travel and accommodation money to the donation? Wouldn’t that be more of an efficient way to donate 100% of the charity money?


50% of my fees in all 3 FFL events I, Maul Mornie was involved is handed directly to Dr.Parvez Alam intended to be donated for charity. He calculates the fees and hands me my share of the money. You cannot raise €1985 (approx RM$8570 Malaysian) in 3 events only from donating 20% of the total fees.

50% - 50% agreement on the proceeds from the SSBD/ FFL events between 16th November 2008, 13th/14th June 2009, 14th/15th November 2009, as agreed to cover Maul Mornie's travel time and travel expenses. Maul Mornie was informed the whole 50% was to be donated to charity.

As all SSBD organizers know, the arrangements of paid fees between the organizers and myself are split 80% (myself) and 20% (organizer) for his time and initiative in inviting me.

What is said in the video about the percentage split is true, but Dr.Parvez Alam also "purposely forgets" to inform that I will donate 50% from my share for charity; 20% is all for him (as the organizer); NOT 20% for charity.

Due to interest in Finland from people who wants to commit to SSBD training, on my last visit of 14th/15th November 2009, I made a proposal to Dr. Parvez Alam to start a training group and himself as the Sole Organizer with the 80% - 20% split on the total fees. If a training group is set up then logically constant training is required, due to my busy schedule it has to be once every 2 months or once every 3 months (10 to 14 hrs each visit) which totals up to 4 to 5 times a year.

I have also proposed to donate 50% from my 80% share for charity.

As a proposal, I suggested it could contribute to consistent donations from my part, but I told him we can only proceed after he has legally registered his charty organization, but he refused my proposal, and that was my last seminar organized by Dr.Parvez Alam and ‘Fighting for Lives’.


Watch (7:34 min) he claims to be avoiding me, Maul Mornie for "months". We were in friendly speaking terms, Dr.Parvez Alam only started to avoid me and deleted me from both his Facebook accounts friends-list (FB accounts Parvez Alam and Parvez Alam PHD) around "3 weeks" before the 6th of July when I pushed to ask for proof of Charity donated. Most of those Dr.Parvez Alam and myself have "mutual friends" on facebook will notice this.

For the record, as he claims (1:09 min) I did not send 30 different harassing emails in the course of 2 days. As everyone in the martial arts community knows that I have a tight travelling schedule; Where do I have time to do this? I sent the same (one) email to all of his contact addresses (his 2 Facebook Accounts, youtube account, university email and personal emails) as I had no response from him what so ever, so I sent another (same) email afew days later to tha same contact accounts.

He refused to provide me with the information I requested but has publicly posted his general activities with other charity organizations. My concern is to have knowledge of where the charity money I, Maul Mornie specifically helped raised gone to, not his general activities with other charity organizations.


Dr.Parvez Alam is also making accusations that I, Maul Mornie has instigated other SSBD members to threaten the life of a 21 years old martial artist in the UK.

Dr.Parvez Alam knows full well that I, Maul Mornie had no involvement in the matter.

I was in Finland under his invitation conducting a charity seminar with Fighting for Lives at that time. I, Maul Mornie do not tolerate any negative behaviour in SSBD. I am only one man involved with a group of martial artist from different countries who voluntarily attend my martial arts classes and seminars, these individuals are not connected with me in any legal way. What they do outside of SSBD training has nothing to do with myself, these people are adults and they make their own decisions. The threat was made via email; the recipient lived in the UK while the sender lived thousands of miles away outside of the UK in mainland Europe; not physically in front of him. It was a verbal threat via email.

I have given strict warning to those involved; I, Maul Mornie do not tolerate and encourage negative behaviour in SSBD Internationally.

Those involved has sent thier apologies and thier apologies was accepted.

I, Maul Mornie have personally asked Dr.Parvez advice and assistance in writing an email to calm the situation and not let it get out of hand. Dr. Parvez himself assisted in writing parts of the email himself in his bedroom (where the only computer is in his house).

Knowing the situation, Dr.Parvez is using this “threat” knowledge to gain leverage in his argument, knowing full well I had nothing to do with it personally. I, Maul Mornie am still in good friendly contact with the UK guy to present day.


Rather than believing accusation and personal attacks directed by Dr.Parvez Alam against me to divert attention from himself. Please use common sense and rational thinking. On the record, I have not threatened him or any member of his family other than informing him that I will report his activities to the relevant authorities if he does not give me the official information on the money I helped raised.

I invite you to use common sense and ask you self if you are in my shoes, if you helped to raise €1985 in the misconception that its 100% for orphanages. Dr.Parvez Alam records his travels to distant countries and all you see donated are 1 week ration of food for a group of children.

And you are refused information on the addresses and contact details of the orphanages with the excuse of "For the Safetey of the Children"; and not given a clear proof of how and where the money was donated.

As an organization who has not registered itself for 5 years, would you not be suspicious?


I have not reported this to the relevant authorities in his area because I have asked legal advice; If I made a report, €1985 (approx RM$8570 Malaysian) is a not a substantial enough amount of money for the Local Finnish authorities to be interested in as a serious offence. But I am also aware that if the money is used in a negatively way, it is enough to put me in trouble; thus my reason for this announcement.

Seeing Dr.Parvez Alam lives with his family in Turku, Finland. Logically it is more of an inconvenience financially and time wise to call the Finnish authorities that might and might not think the case is important.

An if the case is taken serious, I fear is that Dr.Parvez Alam will be charged with a criminal record or worse convicted. I understand that it will affect his profession, his future and his family. Though I have lost respect for him, my conscience prevents me from destroying his whole life.


I have no doubt that “parts” of the charity money is donated to those intended, but why the secrecy? And why am I refused the information I requested.

My enquiries are my rights as one of the main contributor that raised a substantial amount of money for his charity, I only want to know what happened to the money I helped raised and I wish to see the official financial report of the donation, but Dr. Parvez Alam gave nothing but excuses and refused to be transparent with his dealings.

I am not raising charity to pay for his travel ticket, for his own expenses and accommodations so that he can promote himself.

On, before 6th July 2010, the amount of money Dr.parvez Alam claimed ‘Fighting for Lives’ has raised is €1500 since he started in 2005. That financial statement on his website changes since 21st July 2010, now he claims to have raised €1200 since mid 2008 and not mentioning the amount of charity raised before that.

What type of charity organization that has been in operation since 2005 and can only account for raising €1200 since mid 2008 to mid 2010? (as this statement is written).


Dr.Parvez Alam claims ‘Fighting for Lives’ has been collecting money for charity since 2005 but refuses to show the official financial report of the donation and using the statement of “For the Safety of the Children” as his excuse to refuse providing information on the contact details of the orphanages and where the money was donated.

Dr.Parvez Alam using the excuse of  "For the Safety of the Children" refuses to provide information on the address and contact details of the orphanages, yet publicly post pictures and videos of the children and his activities and mentions the general area of where the orphanages are located.

Malaysia is a country with a stable government. All registered orphanages are protected by law. What does Dr.Parvez Alam mean by “For the Safety of the Children”?

Dr. Parvez Alam also claims ‘Fighting for Lives’ is involved in several projects in countries like Malaysia, Sierra Leone, Kenya and Haiti but only claims to have raised €1200 since mid 2008. What can you do with €1200 in 4 different countries? Are these personal projects or local government backed projects? ‘Fighting for Lives’ is not legally registered as this announcement is made; no government or private company in any country will work with a non registered organization when large sums of money are involved. Where are the official proposal and confirmation letters of these projects?


Dr. Parvez Alam claims that the money I, Maul Mornie helped raised for 'Fighting for Lives' is fully donated to UNICEF or The Beacon of Light directly, then why is he showing the shopping receipts to show that he is handling the money personally himself? Did he donate it to other registered charity organization, or is he handling the money himself? What is the point of his video?


Any organization regardless if its business or charity that works with large amounts money knows; verbal and unclear claims means nothing when you dont have proof of information recorded on an official piece of paper. For someone who is educated like Dr.Parvez Alam, he should know proven facts, transparency and providing precise information is everything.

Dr. Parvez Alam keeps on posting publicly all his "claims" about his charity organization (which is not registered since 2005) and made accusations against me to divert attention away from him, but refuses to deal with me personally and also refusing to send me information on the official financial report of where the money I helped raised go.

My only concern is to have "specific knowledge" of where the charity money I, Maul Mornie helped raised gone to; not random shopping receipts or certificates/letters of his "general activities" with other charity organizations since 2005.

UPDATES (Thursday, 7th October 2010)

I have privately sent a message through emailed Dr.Parvez Alam on the 8th July 2010 (00:32 AM) and proposed that we should resolve the situation peacefully away from the public eye. I received a reply from him the same day at 10:30 am. His email reads "Will reply to this email next week when I return to Finland. Parvez".

He has updated his public websites regarding this issue, edited and posted a new video on youtube on his recent activities, and made updates on his facebook accounts regarding this issue several times since that date but I have not received any correspondance or follow up to his email until the 29th July 2010 (3 weeks). His excuse for the delayed reply was that He was in Estonia.

He has published a "self-written" financial statement on his general activities with other charity organizations on his website, and continues to approach other martial artist proposing charity martial arts events.

As this update is written, Dr. Parvez Alam has since claimed to have registered ‘Fighting for Lives’ as a non-profit charity organization in Finland; Reg No 203.855. Please check the registration number for verification.

Dr.Parvez Alam continues to ignore me and refuses to provide me the specific information that I requested on the activities I was involved and charity money I helped raised.


If you choose to work with Dr,Parvez Alam and ‘Fighting for Lives’ in any event that deals with money, please ask for proof of official documented information and references of his past charity events and financial proof of donations.

Thank you for reading and your patience;

Maul Mornie