Knife Assisted Throw

Traditionally this particular movement is meant to dislocate the shoulder and the elbow. It is not meant to be a restraining technique or a locking technique.

For reasons of a follow up or a finishing move, the break becomes a control technique before the throw.

The short clip shows 3 options of throws that can be achieved from the knife assisted lock.

Please enjoy the video.


Carlo Andreis - The Italian Group Leader
Josef Liepold - Reciever
Juan Moreno - Translator


This seminar like my other events aims primarily to raise the curiosity and awareness among people from different nationalities about the martial heritage and culture of Brunei Darussalam in general.


The video featured may cause serious harm or death if used irresponsibly. This video does not constitute as a self defense instruction or advise. This video is for cultural information and entertainment purposes only. I do not encourage you to harm another living creature or do anything violent. You must consider the legal implications of everything you do, exercising your judgement and common sense as an adult. You must follow the law or pay the consequences. Whatever you do, you do out of your own intentions. The Video is for entertainment purposes only and cannot be used as legal advice.


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